We are a couple passionate about projects and dreams. We believe that a dream commands life!
Marco is the perfectionist, a born conversationalist who turns any conversation into laughter. To him life doesn’t have one color, there´s never just white or only black. For him gray is always the favorite option. Rita is the stubborn one, she believes she always succeeds at everything, even if that is necessary to climb mountains or cross oceans. She loves socializing and having a full house of people. Gustavo, our oldest son is the right one: To him all has to have a right time, a right day and a logic. Being among adults in interesting conversations is his biggest hobby. Martim, our youngest son, is the ” All good” little man. Anything is fine for him, as long as it doesn´t need a lot of work. Doing what he wants is the best thing in life, and you know what? He can transmit that to the others.
When we dreamed of We Surf House, we wanted to define the word Family. A space where those who chose to visit us would find a family environment where contact with the mountain and the sea conveyed peace and tranquility, away from confusion and daily bustle. We Wish that what is ours could become yours. Families cooking on the garden barbecue, children running along the grass, extended surf wetsuits on the balconies, a sunset seen from the rooftop with a glass of gin in hand and a viola to the sound of the stars.

This is the reason why our biggest secret is:
“Only tell your best friends”

It has 7 bedrooms with private bathrooms, living room, kitchen, garden with barbecue, jacuzzi and swimming pool

We Surf House was born out of LOVE for nature, comfort and sustainability. This local accommodation is on the beach with wonderful views over the mountains. It has 7 bedrooms with private bathroom, living room, kitchen, garden with barbecue, terrace with sea view and jacuzzi, pedagogical vegetable garden,mini half pipe, jacuzzi, swimming pool and rooftop.It is located on a small beach called Murtinheira, 10km north of the city of Figueira da Foz and halfway between the two airports (Porto and Lisbon).Ideal for nature lovers, local and sea experiences.It is a perfect place for a getaway with family or friends and sharing unique and happy moments.

Our motto: “Don’t collect things, collect moments.”